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SKU: H420640

Hubelino Marble Run – Slide Accessory (12 pcs)

Hubelino Marble Run – Slide Accessory (12 pcs) SKU H420640


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Hubelino Slide Accessory: A Twist on Speed and Motion

Introducing the Hubelino Slide Accessory, a mesmerizing addition to any marble run that adds a new dimension of physics and fun. This unique piece is designed to slow down the marble’s descent while dramatically increasing its rotation speed, offering a fascinating spectacle especially with two-colored marbles.

Key Features:

  • Controlled Speed: The slide delicately slows the marble, providing a captivating show of its journey down.
  • Enhanced Rotation: Thanks to its special design, the slide causes marbles to spin rapidly around their own axis, visible through the use of two-colored marbles.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with blocks from other popular brands, enriching your existing marble run setups.
  • German Quality: Crafted with precision in Germany, ensuring durability, safety, and the highest quality standards.
  • STEAM Learning: A playful approach to education, this accessory teaches principles of physics, such as acceleration and rotational dynamics, enhancing spatial intelligence and analytical thinking.

Innovative Design for Maximum Enjoyment:

The Slide Accessory, standing three bricks high, can be strategically placed anywhere in your marble run to observe the stunning effect of marbles spinning. It’s an ideal spot for witnessing the dynamic behavior of marbles, adding both aesthetic and educational value to your construction.

Why Choose the Hubelino Slide Accessory?

This accessory not only enhances the visual appeal of your marble runs but also introduces a layer of educational content, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning. Its compatibility with other block systems allows for endless creative possibilities, encouraging imaginative play and problem-solving skills.

Elevate Your Marble Runs:

With the Hubelino Slide Accessory, prepare for a deeper exploration into the mechanics of motion and speed. It’s an excellent addition for those looking to enrich their marble run experiences with visually striking and intellectually stimulating elements.

Transform your marble runs into a showcase of physics in action with the Hubelino Slide Accessory and let the marbles roll into an exciting blend of speed, spin, and spectacle.

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