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Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set (85 pcs)

Explore the world of physics and creativity with the Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set! This 85-piece set includes colourful building blocks, dynamic run elements, marbles, and a sturdy base plate, all designed to spark young minds and encourage educational play. Complete with an inspiring instruction booklet and compatible with other building blocks, it’s perfect for children aged 4 and above. Made in Germany to the highest safety standards, Hubelino is your child’s gateway to endless building adventures!

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Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set (85 pcs)

Embark on a fun and educational journey with the Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set. This 85-piece set is a treasure trove of learning and excitement, perfect for young minds eager to explore the wonders of physics and creativity.

Key Features:

  • Complete Starter Kit: This classic set includes everything needed to create a dynamic marble run – a sturdy base plate, a variety of colourful run elements and building blocks, and marbles. It’s a complete package to kickstart the building adventure.
  • Inspiring Instruction Booklet: Comes with a booklet filled with construction variants to spark imagination. It also serves as a springboard for children to devise their own unique designs.
  • Educational Play: This modular and stable marble run not only guarantees hours of fun but also introduces children to the basics of physics and spatial reasoning. It’s an engaging way to develop critical thinking, sequence following, working memory, and analytical skills.
  • Extensive Compatibility: All elements of the set are compatible with common building blocks from other manufacturers, allowing for limitless creative possibilities by integrating with existing building blocks and themes.
  • Premium German Quality: Proudly ‘Made in Germany’, Hubelino adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring a durable and safe play experience.

Product Details:

  • Category: Marble Run, Construction Toy
  • Age Recommendation: Suitable for children aged 4 years and above.
  • Contents: 85 pieces, including 43 building blocks, 34 run elements, 7 marbles, and 1 base plate.
  • Safety Note: WARNING! Contains small parts and marbles that could be a choking hazard.

With the Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set, watch your child’s imagination and problem-solving skills flourish as they build, experiment, and play!

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