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SKU: H420336

Hubelino Marble Set (12 pcs), one-tone

Hubelino Marble Set (12 pcs), one-tone SKU H420336


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Hubelino Marble Set (One-Tone): A Splash of Colour to Your Marble Run

Brighten up your marble runs with the Hubelino Marble Set (One-Tone), featuring 12 vibrant marbles in red, blue, yellow, and green. This addition not only infuses your marble runs with a burst of colour but also promises more fun and dynamic play.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Colours: Add a colourful twist to your marble runs with marbles in four lively hues, making each run not just a race but a visual spectacle.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with building blocks from other popular brands, this set enhances and complements your existing marble run and block collection.
  • Superior Quality: Crafted with precision in Germany, these marbles are made to the highest standards, ensuring they roll smoothly and withstand countless runs.
  • Educational Play: Aligning with STEAM principles, the addition of these marbles to your runs encourages learning through play, focusing on physics, engineering, and problem-solving.

Maximise Your Track Performance:

Each marble in the set is carefully sized and weighted for optimal performance on the track. With a diameter of 24.5 mm, they are the perfect fit for Hubelino tracks, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted fun.

Why Choose the Hubelino Marble Set?

More than just accessories, these marbles are a gateway to enhancing the educational and fun aspect of marble runs. They encourage children to experiment with track designs, observe the effect of different colours in motion, and engage in hands-on learning about speed and gravity.

Endless Fun and Learning:

The Hubelino Marble Set (One-Tone) is a simple yet impactful way to extend the life and appeal of your marble runs. It invites children to mix and match, plan strategically, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their colourful creations come to life.

Dive into a world where colour, speed, and creativity meet with the Hubelino Marble Set (One-Tone), and watch as your marble runs become more exciting and educational than ever before.

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