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SKU: H440440

Hubelino Pi Marble Run Set XL

Hubelino Pi Marble Run Set XL SKU H440440

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Welcome to the world of Hubelino pi, where the 246-Piece Marble Run Set XL stands as an introduction to a realm of velocity intertwined with intricate designs, a universe full of endless structural possibilities, and thrilling adventures in learning!

Product Highlights:

– Dynamic Exploration: Dive into the exciting junction of magnetism and kinetic energy with four magnetic cannons, serving as coiled launchers that shoot marbles with exhilarating speed through elaborate pathways, tunnel systems, and action-packed jumps!

– Comprehensive Construction Kit: The set is a reservoir of components to shape giant marble runs, hosting 84 run elements, 134 construction elements for stable, soaring structures, two foundational base plates, and 10 tunnel adapters, orchestrating journeys of 12 steel marbles through winding, captivating tracks.

– Multifaceted Learning Experience: The set combines engaging entertainment with educational enrichment, allowing children to explore fundamental physical concepts while building intricate, creative designs.

Quality and Compatibility:

– Every component harmoniously integrates with pieces from other leading brands, expanding your creative horizons.

– Manufactured in Germany, every Hubelino masterpiece is a testament to unparalleled quality and precision.

Set Contents:

– 246 meticulously designed pieces: 84 run elements, 144 construction elements, 2 baseplates, 12 marbles, and 4 magnetic cannons, along with a detailed, illustrative instruction booklet.

Age Recommendation:

– Crafted for curious minds aged 8 and above.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery:

With the Hubelino pi Marble Run Set XL, transform every play session into a thrilling voyage through the realms of imagination, science, and architectural brilliance!

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