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SKU: H440280

Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set

Hubelino Marble Run Starter Set SKU H440280

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Meet the Hubelino pi Marble Run Starter Set, a gateway to the thrilling world of physics and action-packed constructions, consisting of 214 modular components tailored to introduce enthusiasts to the Hubelino pi marble run system. Dive into the creation of complex paths, intricate tunnels, daring jumps, and ingenious constructs, all while discovering the marvels of physics.

A Journey into Science and Fun:

This Starter Set turns building blocks into a science set, allowing young minds to explore and learn the fundamental concepts of physics. It offers compatibility and seamless integration with components from other manufacturers, promising endless construction amusement and a myriad of possibilities in expanding creativity and knowledge.

Key Features:

– 214 Components: 92 Run Elements, 116 Girder and Pillar Elements, 2 Double-sided Base Plates, and 4 Steel Marbles.

– Instruction Booklet with detailed step-by-step assembly guidance.

– Manufactured in Germany, meeting the highest quality standards.

Innovative Learning:

With the Hubelino pi Marble Run Starter Set, small adjustments can lead to countless marble run variations, promoting logical and spatial thinking, creativity, and fine motor skills development in children aged 8 and above.

Expand, Build, and Learn:

Unleash the potential of physics in every construct and expand infinitely with other Hubelino pi sets for boundless building entertainment and learning. This set isn’t just about building; it’s about exploring science and creativity, making every assembly a new learning adventure!

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