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Haba In a Flash Firefighters

Haba In a Flash Firefighters SKU 305480

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In a Flash Firefighters: A Race Against Time to Save the Day

“In a Flash Firefighters” is a dynamic and fast-paced game that blends the excitement of a race with the satisfaction of problem-solving. It’s perfect for players aged 5 to 99, making it a fantastic choice for family game nights and gatherings of friends.

Skill Development:
Motor Skills & Coordination: Enhance fine motor skills through tile placement and manipulation.
Cognitive & Creativity: Foster cognitive skills and boost creativity through strategic planning and quick thinking.

Product Details:
The Scenario: The game sets players in the role of firefighters, rushing to extinguish a blazing fire at farmer Rudi’s farm. But there’s a twist – the water hoses are all tangled!
Gameplay: Every player works simultaneously each turn, racing to untangle and lay out their hose tiles to reach the fire first.
Winning Criteria: Players are awarded a firefighting medal for successfully reaching the fire. The first player to collect three medals is declared the winner.
Dynamic Play: “In a Flash Firefighters” is known for its fast pace and engaging tile placement mechanics, ensuring every game is filled with excitement and quick decisions.
Components: The game includes 4 charming wooden fire hydrants, adding a tactile and visual appeal to the gameplay.

Why Choose In a Flash Firefighters?
This game is not just about quick reflexes and speed; it’s about thinking on your feet and finding solutions under pressure – just like real firefighters. It’s an excellent way for families and friends to bond, challenge each other, and develop critical skills in a fun, engaging environment.

“In a Flash Firefighters” is more than a game; it’s an action-packed adventure that brings the thrill of firefighting into your home.

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