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SKU: 30577

Lego Creator Mega Muscle Car Polybag

Lego Creator Mega Muscle Car Polybag SKU 30577


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Get ready to unleash the racer in you with the Lego Creator Mega Muscle Car Polybag—a stunning representation of speed, power, and classic car design.

  • Dynamic Design: This Super Muscle toy car showcases a bold and aggressive aesthetic, accentuated by its commanding grille and a sleek rear wing. Every detail promises to captivate car enthusiasts and LEGO builders alike.
  • Rev Up Your Imagination: Comprising 63 meticulously crafted pieces, this set is perfect for kids and adults to stage adrenaline-pumping races or simply to admire as a display piece.
  • Set Specifications:
    • Total Pieces: 63
    • Featured Elements: Muscle Car with prominent grille and rear wing
  • What’s Inside:
    • The exclusive Lego Creator Mega Muscle Car
    • Detailed instruction booklet for a smooth building experience

Gift a thrilling building and racing experience with the Lego Creator Mega Muscle Car Polybag. Perfect for car lovers and LEGO aficionados, this set blends the joy of construction with the excitement of high-octane adventures.

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