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SKU: 302199

Haba My Very First Games-Hanna Honeybee

Haba My Very First Games-Hanna Honeybee SKU 302199

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My Very First Games – Hanna Honeybee: A Buzzing Adventure of Learning and Fun

“My Very First Games – Hanna Honeybee” is a delightful game designed for children aged 2 and up. It offers a charming and interactive way to develop cognitive, creative, social, and emotional skills through play.

Key Features:
Age Suitability: Ideal for toddlers aged 2 years and older.
Skill Development: Focuses on enhancing cognitive and creative abilities as well as social and emotional growth.
Engaging Theme: Follow Hanna Honeybee on her journey over a colorful wildflower meadow as she collects nectar.

Product Details:
Hanna Honeybee’s Mission: Help Hanna gather nectar to make enough honey to fill the entire honey pot. It’s a sweet adventure that teaches the value of cooperation and hard work.
Adorable Wooden Bee: The game includes a beautifully crafted wooden bee, adding a tactile element to the gameplay.
Innovative Hive Mechanism: Witness the magic of the transforming 3D beehive, where nectar is turned into honey, fascinating young minds.

Why Choose Hanna Honeybee?
This game is more than just entertainment; it’s an educational journey that engages young minds in a narrative of nature and teamwork. “Hanna Honeybee” provides an excellent opportunity for parents and educators to introduce key concepts such as the origin of honey, the importance of bees, and the joy of sharing and working together.

Discover the wonders of nature and teamwork with “My Very First Games – Hanna Honeybee,” where every play session is a new adventure!

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