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SKU: 301257

Haba My Very First Games-Hungry as a Bear

Haba My Very First Games-Hungry as a Bear SKU 301257

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My Very First Games – Hungry as a Bear: A Delightful Game for Toddlers

“My Very First Games – Hungry as a Bear” is a charming and interactive game designed to nurture memory, dexterity, and language skills in toddlers aged 2 and up. It’s an ideal game for both solo and group play, offering up to 3 players a chance to engage in a fun and educational experience.

Game Features:
Age Recommendation: Perfect for toddlers aged 2 years and older.
Skill Development: Focuses on enhancing memory, fine motor skills, and language abilities.
Play Modes: Includes three game variations – a Feeding Game, a Memory Game, and a Guessing Game, providing a variety of ways to play and learn.

Product Details:
Feeding Little Bear: Players arrange various food servings on a plate, roll the die, and use the spoon to feed the bear the food item that matches the picture on the die.
Game Contents: The set includes a cute bear pop-up with a hat, 12 food servings in 6 different colors, a plate, a spoon, and a die.
Durable Packaging: Comes in a strong, reusable box with a lid, making storage and maintenance easy.
Detailed Instructions: The game comes with clear instructions, ensuring an easy start to the game.

Why Choose Hungry as a Bear?
This game is a delightful way to introduce young children to basic concepts such as colors, food items, and following instructions. It’s not just about feeding a hungry bear; it’s about engaging young minds in activities that build foundational skills in a playful and loving environment.

Dive into the world of “Hungry as a Bear” for a fun-filled learning experience that your toddler will love!

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