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Haba My Very First Games-Tidy up!

Haba My Very First Games-Tidy up! SKU 303588


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My Very First Games – Tidy up!: A Fun and Educational Adventure in Organizing

“My Very First Games – Tidy up!” is a delightful and educational game designed for children aged 2 and above, aimed at nurturing cognitive and creative skills as well as motor skills and coordination through the engaging activity of tidying up.

Game Features:

Age Suitability: Perfectly designed for toddlers aged 2 years and older.
Skill Development: Enhances cognitive abilities and creativity while also improving motor skills and coordination.
Engaging Gameplay: Join Little Tomcat Tiptop in a fun-filled day of playing and learning the important skill of tidying up. Children are tasked with helping Tiptop organise various toys like building blocks, fire engines, and stuffed giraffes into their correct places.
Product Details:

Fun with Organising: The game turns the often daunting task of tidying up into a fun and enjoyable activity.
Interactive 3D Toy Shelf: Includes a unique 3D toy shelf, adding a realistic and engaging aspect to the game.
Educational and Enjoyable: Ideal for teaching young ones the value of organisation and tidiness in a playful, interactive way.
Why Choose Tidy up!?

“Tidy up!” is more than just a game; it’s an essential learning tool that combines play with practical life skills. It offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about organisation and cleanliness in a fun, interactive setting. This game is an excellent way for parents and educators to introduce the concept of orderliness and responsibility while ensuring children are engaged and entertained.

With “My Very First Games – Tidy up!,” watch your little ones embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery, one toy at a time!

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