Nip Soother Family

Nip Soother Family Latex/Silicone


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Embrace the impeccable blend of nature and innovation with the nip® Family pacifier, meticulously designed for the delicate mouths of infants.

Key Features:

  • Anatomical Perfection: The pacifier boasts a petite, anatomically-crafted teat, ideal for your baby’s small and sensitive mouth. The teat’s slender stem minimizes pressure on emerging teeth while providing ample room for the tongue.
  • Jaw-friendly Design: Mirroring the natural palatal arch, the pacifier’s teat ensures optimal adaptation, promoting healthy oral development.
  • Skin-friendly Shield: The pacifier’s shield, dotted with expansive ventilation holes, offers premium breathability, warding off irritations. The rounded edges further guarantee no pressure points, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Easy Handling: Equipped with a ring, the pacifier ensures ease of use for parents. Its ultra-flat grip button ensures a comfortable suckling experience in any orientation.
  • Delightful Aesthetics: Featuring vibrant colors adorned with adorable prints, the pacifier becomes an accessory that complements your baby’s charm.


  • Material Options: Available in both latex and silicone.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Size 1: Perfect for 0-6 months
    • Size 2: Ideal for 5-18 months
    • Size 3: Suitable for 16-32 months

Package Inclusion: 2 meticulously designed pacifiers

Experience the legacy of Germany’s oldest pacifier manufacturer, nip®, renowned for their commitment to quality, functionality, and safety. With 90 years under their belt, they prioritize your child’s happiness and satisfaction, creating products “From families, for families.”

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