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Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range (0-2 months)

Discover the Nip Soother Cherry Green Newborn Range, the perfect eco-friendly choice for your baby’s comfort. Made from over 94% renewable materials, including natural latex, and packaged in 100% recycled materials, this soother is designed with your baby’s health and the environment in mind. Featuring a soft, breastfeeding-friendly teat and innovative chin protection, it ensures a comfortable and natural soothing experience. Available in stylish packs of two in grey and white, green and white, or orange and white combinations, it’s the sustainable and safe choice recommended by midwives. Perfect for keeping your little one calm and comfortable.

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Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range

Introducing the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range, a premier choice for eco-conscious parents seeking a sustainable and safe soothing option for their infants. Crafted from over 94% renewable raw materials, including natural latex, the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range emphasises both environmental responsibility and infant safety.

The packaging of the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range aligns with its sustainable ethos, made from 100% recycled paper and featuring foil with 80% recycled content. This careful consideration in packaging design significantly reduces waste and environmental impact, making it an excellent choice for parents looking to minimize their ecological footprint.

Each soother in the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range features a soft, round teat modeled after a mother’s breast, providing a comforting and natural experience that eases the transition from breast to soother. This design is breastfeeding-friendly and has been recommended by midwives for its effectiveness in mimicking natural feeding behaviors, thus reducing nipple confusion.

Additionally, the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range is thoughtfully designed with chin protection to prevent pressure points and skin irritation, ensuring your baby’s comfort during extended use. The inclusion of large ventilation holes promotes optimal airflow, keeping the baby’s skin dry and comfortable, preventing irritation.

The Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range is available in three stylish colour combinations, making it both a practical and fashionable choice:

  • Grey and White: A classic and subtle choice that suits any baby’s accessories.
  • Green and White: A fresh and lively option that adds a pop of colour.
  • Orange and White: A bright and cheerful alternative that stands out.

Each colour option comes in packs of two, allowing parents to have a spare soother on hand, ensuring that one is always ready for use. Choose the Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range for a combination of style, comfort, and sustainability, meeting the needs of your baby while adhering to eco-friendly principles.

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