Nip Soothers Cherry Green Newborn Range (0-2 months)

Nip Soother “Cherry Green Newborn”


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Introducing the Nip Soother “Cherry Green Newborn” a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your little one’s comfort. Made from over 94% renewable raw materials, including latex, this soother prioritises both safety and environmental consciousness.

Its packaging is equally eco-conscious, crafted from 100% recycled paper with foil containing 80% recycled content, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Featuring a soft, breastfeeding-friendly round teat modelled after the mother’s breast, this soother ensures a natural and comforting experience for your baby. Recommended by midwives, it offers an easy transition from breast to soother.

Designed with chin protection to prevent pressure points and skin irritation above the chin, and equipped with large ventilation holes, this soother allows optimal airflow, keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

Choose the Nip Soother Cherry boy for a sustainable, comfortable, and safe option for your little one’s soothing needs.

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