SKU: N35123

Nip Wide Neck Bottle “Cherry Green Girl” 150ml

Nip Wide Neck Bottle “Cherry Green Girl” 150ml SKU N35123


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Introducing the Nip Wide Neck Bottle PP “Cherry Green” 150ml, crafted with sustainability in mind. Made from over 90% sustainable raw materials including natural latex and ISCC Plus certified plastic, this bottle offers transparency and eco-friendly assurance.

Featuring the long-proven cherry teat concept, this bottle is designed to complement breastfeeding, boasting high acceptance among infants.

Experience simplicity and natural comfort with the cherry-shaped teat made of soft natural latex, mirroring the mother’s breast for a pleasant drinking sensation. Please note, natural latex may exhibit matte, lighter, or darker areas on the surface, purely aesthetic and not affecting quality.

Enjoy a comfortable feeding experience with the anti-colic valve that prevents air ingestion, reducing the risk of colic. The extra-wide lip rest ensures a natural drinking experience for your baby.

Now available in lightweight plastic, providing more choices for parents seeking sustainable and eco-friendly feeding options.

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