Nip Wide Neck Bottles Cherry Green

Nip Wide Neck Bottle Cherry Green 150ml/260ml


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Introducing the Nip Cherry Green Wide Neck Bottles in sizes 150ml and 260ml. Now with an additional teat, designed with sustainability and comfort in mind. Crafted from over 90% sustainable raw materials including natural latex and ISCC Plus certified plastic, this bottle reflects our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Featuring the popular cherry teat concept, this bottle is ideal for combination with breastfeeding, with high acceptance among infants. In independent market research conducted in 2022, 87 out of 100 respondents would recommend the nip Cherry bottle, attesting to its quality and reliability.

Experience natural comfort with the cherry-shaped teat made of soft natural latex, providing a gentle and familiar sensation akin to the mother’s breast. Please note, natural latex may exhibit minor aesthetic variations on the teat surface, which do not affect its quality.

Enjoy a pleasant feeding experience with the anti-colic valve, which prevents air ingestion and reduces the risk of colic. The extra-wide lip rest ensures a natural and comfortable drinking experience for your baby.

To offer more choices to our customers, this bottle is now also available in lightweight plastic, providing versatility and convenience without compromising sustainability.

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