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SKU: N33043

Nip Wide Neck Cherry Green Teat, Latex, 0m+, Flow M

Nip Wide Neck Teat “Cherry Green” N33043


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Introducing the Cherry Green Wide-Neck Teat from Nip, a revolutionary baby bottle teat designed with the comfort and health of your infant in mind. Crafted from soft natural latex, this cherry-shaped teat offers a breast-like feel, making it a perfect choice for mothers looking to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. Since its inception in 1932, Nip has been committed to providing high-quality, made-in-Germany products, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.


Key Features:

Natural Latex Material: The teat is made from soft, supple natural latex that mimics the elasticity and texture of a mother’s breast, offering a natural and comforting feel to your baby.
Cherry Shape Design: Modeled after the natural form of a mother’s nipple, the cherry shape of the teat allows for an easy latch and a satisfying feed, making it highly accepted among infants and recommended by midwives.
Anti-Colic Valve: This crucial feature minimises the ingestion of air during feeding, which can lead to colic and discomfort in infants. By preventing colic, it ensures a smoother, more pleasant feeding experience for both baby and parent.
Wide Lip Rest: The extra-wide lip rest simulates the breastfeeding experience, providing a more natural and comfortable feeding position for your baby.
Universal Size and Variable Flow Rates: The teat comes in a universal size with a wide neck, suitable from birth. It is available in two flow rates—’S’ for slow flow, ideal for newborns and younger babies, and ‘M’ for medium flow, catering to the growing needs of older infants.
Compatibility and Quality: Specifically designed for all Cherry Green wide-neck bottles, these teats maintain consistency and quality across the range. The products are BPA-free and conform to EN 14350, ensuring they meet European safety standards.
Made in Germany: Backed by a long tradition of excellence, these teats are manufactured in Germany under stringent quality controls, reflecting Nip’s commitment to reliability and craftsmanship.


The Cherry Green Wide-Neck Teat from Nip not only supports your child’s health and development but also provides ease and flexibility for parents. It is tested by independent institutes to guarantee safety and performance, making it a trusted choice in nurturing your baby’s feeding journey. Whether transitioning from breast to bottle or looking for a reliable feeding solution, this teat offers a seamless experience that fosters growth, comfort, and happiness.

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