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Haba Number Dinosaur

Haba Number Dinosaur SKU: 5649

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Introducing Haba Number Dinosaur – an exciting and educational game designed to captivate children aged 3 to 8. This engaging game allows up to 4 players to embark on a journey into the world of numbers while having a roaring good time.

Product Features –

Age Range:

Ideal for children between 3 and 8 years old, Haba Number Dinosaur provides an entertaining and educational experience that adapts to various age groups within this range.
Number of Players:

Designed for up to 4 players, this game encourages social interaction, cooperation, and friendly competition, making it perfect for playdates, family game nights, or classroom activities.

HABA, a renowned name in children’s games, ensures quality, creativity, and durability in every product. Haba Number Dinosaur is no exception, offering a delightful and engaging learning experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of numbers with this captivating number and memory game. The dinosaur theme adds an exciting twist to the learning process, making it both fun and educational.

Crafted from high-quality cardboard and beech wood, Haba Number Dinosaur combines durability with a tactile experience, ensuring that young players can enjoy the game time and time again.

Haba Number Dinosaur is more than just a game; it’s a journey through numbers and memory. Players engage in activities that challenge their number recognition and memory skills while having fun. The adorable wooden dinosaur adds an element of excitement to the gameplay, making learning an enjoyable adventure.
Educational Value:

This game encourages the development of essential skills such as number recognition, memory, and cognitive abilities. It helps children build a strong foundation in mathematics while fostering a love for learning.
Lovely and Detailed Illustrations:

Haba is known for its attention to detail, and Number Dinosaur is no exception. The game features lovely and detailed illustrations that enhance the learning experience and captivate young imaginations.

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