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Haba Orchard

Haba Orchard SKU: 3103

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Orchard by HABA: A Fruitful Adventure in Cooperative Play

Welcome to “Orchard,” a delightful and engaging game from HABA, designed for children aged 3 to 6 years. This game has not only captured the hearts of children worldwide but has also sold over 2.5 million copies globally, making it a beloved classic in family game collections.

Key Features:

Age Range: Perfectly suited for young players aged 3 to 6 years.
Number of Players: Accommodates up to 8 players, making it ideal for group play and parties.
Brand: HABA, renowned for its high-quality, child-friendly games.
Theme: Centred around a vibrant fruit theme, encouraging healthy food recognition.
Material: Crafted with wood, ensuring durability and a tactile experience for little hands.
About This Game:

Easy-to-Understand Instructions: The game comes with simple, clear rules, making it easy for young players to understand and enjoy.
40 Wooden Fruits: Includes beautifully crafted wooden pieces representing different fruits, adding a touch of realism and sensory play.
Educational and Fun: “Orchard” is not just about fun; it’s a great tool for teaching children about teamwork, colours, and fruit varieties.
Why Choose Orchard?

“Orchard” offers an engaging blend of education and entertainment. It’s a cooperative game where children work together to gather fruits, promoting social skills and collective problem-solving. The use of wooden fruit pieces provides a tactile and visually stimulating experience, enhancing fine motor skills and color recognition.

Ideal for family game nights, playdates, or as a fun learning tool in educational settings, “Orchard” is more than a game – it’s an opportunity for joyful learning and making lasting memories.

Bring home “Orchard” and let your children enjoy the thrill of harvesting fruits while learning valuable life skills!

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