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SKU: 305883

Haba Puzzles Construction Vehicles

Haba Puzzles Construction Vehicles SKU: 305883

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Introducing the Haba Puzzles Construction Vehicles, an exciting and educational puzzle set designed for children aged 3 years and up. This set includes three captivating puzzle motifs that bring the thrilling world of construction vehicles to life. With varying difficulty levels and vibrant scenes, these puzzles offer hours of engaging play and skill development.

Product Features –

Three Construction Adventures:

Get ready for a construction extravaganza! The Haba Puzzles Construction Vehicles set includes three thrilling scenes featuring an excavator, a crane, and a concrete mixer. Each puzzle showcases these powerful machines in action, inspiring young imaginations.
Varied Difficulty Levels:

The set offers a range of difficulty levels, ensuring that young learners of different skill levels can enjoy the puzzles. With 12, 15, and 18 puzzle pieces, children can choose the challenge that suits them best.
Promotes Language Development:

These puzzles do more than entertain; they encourage language development. The richly detailed scenes prompt children to observe closely and discuss what they see, expanding their vocabulary and storytelling skills.
Shape and Colour Recognition:

The puzzles are excellent tools for practicing shape and color recognition. As children fit the pieces together, they learn to identify different shapes and colors, enhancing their cognitive abilities.
Fine Motor Skills and Concentration:

Manipulating puzzle pieces requires dexterity and concentration. Children hone their fine motor skills as they grasp, align, and place each piece in its proper location, fostering hand-eye coordination and focus.
Sturdy and Reusable:

Crafted from durable cardboard, these puzzles are built to withstand active play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment. They can be assembled repeatedly, providing endless fun and learning opportunities.
Great Gift Idea:

The Haba Puzzles Construction Vehicles set makes an excellent gift for children aged 3 and over. Whether for independent play or quality bonding time with family and friends, these puzzles offer a memorable and enriching experience.

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