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SKU: 306159

Haba Puzzles Dragons

Haba Puzzles Dragons SKU: 306159

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Introducing HABA Puzzles Dragons: A World of Fire-Breathing Adventure!

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with the HABA Puzzles Dragons, specially designed for children aged 4 and up who are passionate about all things dragon-related. This fantastic puzzle set features not one, but two enchanting dragon motifs, each consisting of 24 puzzle pieces, making it an ideal choice for little dragon fans.

Majestic Dragons in Imaginative Landscapes
Dive into the mystical world of dragons with these captivating puzzles. The two dragon-themed puzzles, tailored for kids from 4 years and up, transport young explorers to imaginative rock landscapes where they can encounter magnificent dragons and their adorable young companions. With every piece, children are invited to uncover the magic of these fantastical creatures.

An Abundance of Details and Colours
The colourful and intricately designed motifs provide hours of engaging puzzle fun. Little dragon enthusiasts will be captivated by the wealth of details in these images, igniting their imaginations and encouraging dreams of epic dragon adventures.

Developing Essential Skills Through Play
Beyond the fun of putting the pieces together, the HABA Puzzles Dragons provide a platform for children to develop age-appropriate skills. As they work diligently to complete the puzzles, young learners practice accurate observation, concentration, and patience, all while enjoying the satisfaction of assembling each piece.

Perfectly Sized for Little Hands
Made from sturdy cardboard, the puzzle pieces are designed with little hands in mind. Their ideal size ensures that children can comfortably hold and manipulate them as they piece together their dragon-themed masterpieces.

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