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SKU: 305884

Haba Puzzles Farmyard Animals

Haba Puzzles Farmyard Animals SKU: 305884

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Discover the Joy of Farm Life with HABA Puzzles Farmyard Animals!

Introducing HABA Puzzles Farmyard Animals—a delightful puzzle set crafted for children aged three and above. This charming collection features not one, but three enchanting farm-themed motifs, each with varying difficulty levels of 12, 15, and 18 puzzle pieces.

A Farmyard Adventure Awaits
Join us on a journey to the heart of the farm, where you’ll encounter a loving cow with her adorable calves, a cheerful pig family, and a gentle sheep with her two playful lambs. These endearing scenes capture the essence of farm life and provide a perfect backdrop for young explorers to immerse themselves in the world of animals.

Exploration and Vocabulary Building
The detailed and captivating images in these puzzles invite children to explore, observe, and narrate their own farmyard stories. As they piece together the puzzles, they’ll engage in storytelling, which not only fosters imagination but also promotes vocabulary development.

Skill Development Made Fun
HABA Puzzles Farmyard Animals are more than just fun—they’re a valuable tool for skill development. Children aged three and above can enhance their color and shape recognition abilities while honing their concentration and fine motor skills through puzzle-solving. It’s a joyful way to learn and grow!

Sturdy and Perfect for Group Fun
Crafted from sturdy cardboard, these puzzles are built to withstand the rigors of playtime. The set of three animal puzzles ensures plenty of opportunities for puzzling together, making it an ideal choice for group activities and family bonding.

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