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Haba Puzzles Unicorn Glitterluck-Rosalie & Friends

Haba Puzzles Unicorn Glitterluck-Rosalie & Friends SKU: 306164

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Embark on a Whimsical Journey with HABA Puzzles Unicorn Glitterluck-Rosalie & Friends!

HABA Puzzles Unicorn Glitterluck-Rosalie & Friends are an enchanting puzzle set designed for children aged 3 and above. Dive into the world of unicorns and magic with two vibrant motifs, each comprising 12 captivating puzzle pieces. These puzzles are perfect for all young admirers of the adorable unicorn Glitterluck.

A Magical World of Unicorns
Step into a world of imagination and wonder with these pretty puzzles for girls. Featuring motifs from the fantastic realm of playful unicorns created by HABA, these puzzles transport children into a world of enchantment, fantasy, and endless possibilities.

Lovingly Designed for Young Hearts
The toddler puzzles are more than just a pastime; they are an invitation to explore, to gaze closely, and to engage in storytelling. With their loving design, these puzzles stimulate communication and encourage children to express their thoughts and ideas.

Perfect for Little Hands
The 12 large, non-slip puzzle pieces are made of sturdy cardboard, ensuring that they are easy for small children’s hands to grasp and manipulate. These pieces are designed to withstand hours of play, providing endless entertainment.

Building Essential Skills
Beyond the magic and fantasy, HABA Puzzles Unicorn Glitterluck-Rosalie & Friends play a vital role in child development. They playfully promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while offering great fun during the process of assembling the pieces.

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