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Haba Sippy Cup Delight

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Haba Sippy Cup: Delight Edition

Unveiling a stepping stone in your child’s journey towards independence: the Haba Sippy Cup in the Delight Edition. Exquisitely designed to bridge the gap between bottles and cups, this learning tool is not just a sippy cup, but a symbol of your little one’s growing autonomy.

A Gentle Transition: Remember the first time your child took a step or uttered a word? The transition from a bottle to a cup is yet another significant milestone in their life. The Haba “Glück” learning cup acknowledges this delicate phase and serves as an ideal intermediary, ensuring the shift is smooth and filled with delightful sips.

Tailored for Tiny Palms: Understanding the intricacies of a child’s grip, this sippy cup comes equipped with side handles, specially designed for those tender fingers. These handles empower your child, making it easy for them to hold, ensuring a firm grip and a confident sip.

Robust & Reliable: Just like your unwavering support for your child, the Delight sippy cup promises resilience. Made from a sturdy blend of polyethylene and melamine, it stands shatterproof, ensuring that occasional tumbles don’t deter its purpose or your child’s spirit.

Child-Centric Design: With dimensions specifically curated for children, approximately 7 x 10 cm (Ø x H), this sippy cup fits perfectly into their world. Its size resonates with their understanding, making it an intuitive choice for their drinking needs.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: In the whirlwind of parenting, the last thing you need is a demanding sippy cup. Acknowledging this, the Haba Sippy Cup: Delight Edition comes with the ease of being dishwasher safe. So, while it aids your child in learning, it ensures you have one less thing to worry about.

Gifting your child the Haba Sippy Cup is not just about teaching them to drink from a cup, but also about celebrating their growth, their tiny achievements, and the many delightful moments that parenting brings along. With the Delight Edition, ensure that every little sip they take is a step closer to their independent self.

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