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Haba Sippy Cup Dinos

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Haba Sippy Cup: Dinos Edition

Step into the world of prehistoric wonder with the Haba Sippy Cup in the Dinos Edition. Crafted meticulously, this cup is not just an instrument to quench thirst but a gateway to an era when mighty dinosaurs roamed our planet. As your child embarks on their journey of growth and exploration, the Dinos edition is a loyal companion, mirroring their adventurous spirit.

A Prehistoric Transition: Shifting from a bottle to a cup is a significant event in your child’s timeline. The Haba “Glück” learning cup is akin to this evolutionary step, serving as an impeccable transitional tool. Every sip from this cup will remind them of the brave and majestic dinosaurs, motivating them to embrace this new phase with zest.

Designed for Tiny Adventurers: Just as a dino adapts to its surroundings, this sippy cup has been tailored for your child’s hands. The ergonomically designed side handles are perfect for their little fingers, ensuring a steady grip as they embark on their daily adventures.

Sturdy & Durable: In the world of parenting, spills and tumbles are as certain as a T-Rex’s roar. But fear not! Made with a resilient blend of polyethylene and melamine, this Dinos sippy cup stands robust and shatterproof. It’s built to survive the little mishaps of your mini dino enthusiast.

Perfectly Scaled Dimensions: Measuring approximately 7 x 10 cm (Ø x H), this sippy cup is an ideal fit for your young one. Just as a paleontologist resonates with fossils, this size is in harmony with your child’s understanding, making every drinking session a delightful experience.

Easy-to-Care: In the Jurassic era, things might have been wild, but in today’s age, we value simplicity. This is why the Haba Sippy Cup: Dinos Edition is designed to be dishwasher safe, ensuring that while your child enjoys their dino tales, you enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Handing the Haba Sippy Cup to your child is more than a drinking aid; it’s an invitation to a world where imagination runs wild. The Dinos Edition is not just about gulping down a drink, but about savoring every drop of the adventures that childhood offers. Ensure each sip is a roaring success and a leap towards their fearless self.

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