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Haba Sippy Cup Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Sippy Cup Rainbow Spectrum SKU 304473


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Haba Sippy Cup: Rainbow Spectrum Edition

Immerse your child in a burst of colors and joy with the Haba Sippy Cup in the Rainbow Spectrum Edition. More than a mere vessel to quench thirst, this cup serves as a canvas of dreams, where each hue embodies the infinite possibilities that life offers. As your child progresses on their journey from dependence to independence, let this radiant spectrum be a beacon of hope, creativity, and boundless happiness.

A Colorful Transition: Embracing change can be as magical as a rainbow after a gentle rain. The Haba “Glück” learning cup recognizes the beauty of this transformation, acting as the perfect segue from bottle to cup. Each sip from this vivid cup not only nourishes their body but also their imagination, opening them up to a world filled with wonders.

Designed for Little Dreamers: Every rainbow is unique, and so is every child. Crafted keeping in mind their individuality, this sippy cup is adorned with side handles. These handles, shaped just right for their delicate fingers, ensure they can grasp their dreams, one sip at a time.

Sturdy As A Promise: Like the eternal beauty of a rainbow, this cup stands firm amidst the unpredictable spills and tumbles of childhood. Crafted from a durable blend of polyethylene and melamine, its shatterproof nature ensures that it remains a steadfast companion through their many adventures.

Spectrum-Sized Dimensions: With measurements tailored to perfection, approximately 7 x 10 cm (Ø x H), this sippy cup fits seamlessly into their world. Its dimensions are harmonized with their budding sense of scale, making every drink a joyous experience.

Easy-Breezy Maintenance: Childhood is fleeting, and every moment is precious. Valuing your time and the magic it holds, the Haba Sippy Cup: Rainbow Spectrum Edition comes designed to be dishwasher safe. This ensures that while they are busy chasing rainbows, you have fewer chores to chase.

Handing them the Haba Sippy Cup is not just about transitioning to a new way of drinking; it’s about introducing them to a spectrum of possibilities. The Rainbow Spectrum Edition is not merely a cup but a celebration of life’s vibrant moments. Let each sip they take be a brushstroke on the canvas of their life, painting memories, dreams, and a world full of colour.

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