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Haba Stacking figure Elephant Eric

Haba Stacking figure Elephant Eric SKU: 305086


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Introducing the Haba Stacking Figure Elephant Eric – a delightful and engaging soft toy that offers endless entertainment and developmental benefits for babies and young children. Eric, the cheerful stacking elephant, is designed to be a cuddly and versatile companion for every day, making it an ideal choice for playtime and learning.

Product Features:

Multi-Sensory Play:

Eric the elephant is not just a stuffed toy; it’s a multi-sensory experience for the youngest explorers. This soft toy is filled with various textures and play effects that stimulate a child’s senses, providing tactile and visual stimulation.
Colourful Grab Ring:

The colourful grab ring, featuring different fabrics and patterns, is not only visually appealing but also a fantastic tool for training fine motor skills in a playful and interactive way. Babies can grasp, touch, and explore the textures, enhancing their dexterity.
Mirror Foil:

Larger babies are in for an extra treat with the mirror foil. This feature allows them to discover and engage with their own reflection, adding an element of self-discovery to playtime.
Stackable Figure:

Eric the elephant consists of five parts that can be disassembled and reassembled to form a stackable figure. Thanks to the Velcro connection, children can enjoy the satisfaction of building and rebuilding their elephant friend.
Ideal First Birthday Gift:

Eric the stacking figure is a perfect gift choice for a first birthday party, offering both entertainment and developmental value for the little one.

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