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SKU: 304244

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Cork Boat

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Cork Boat SKU: 304244

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Introducing the Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Cork Boat, a fantastic DIY project that combines learning, creativity, and adventure!

This assembly kit is designed to ignite your child’s imagination and enthusiasm for hands-on crafting. With everything needed to build their very own cork boat, it’s the perfect activity for young explorers and aspiring shipbuilders.

The kit includes high-quality, sustainably sourced cork pieces that are easy to assemble. Children will enjoy putting together the boat’s components, fostering their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. The step-by-step instructions are clear and kid-friendly, making this a great activity for independent play or bonding with friends and family.

Once the cork boat is complete, your child can embark on exciting adventures across oceans, rivers, or even in the bathtub. It’s a wonderful way to encourage imaginative play and storytelling, allowing them to captain their ship and explore new worlds.

The Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Cork Boat promotes creativity, craftsmanship, and environmental awareness. It’s an engaging activity that combines education with entertainment, making it a fantastic gift for curious kids aged 5 and up.

Let your child set sail on a voyage of discovery with the Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Cork Boat. Watch as they proudly assemble their vessel and then embark on endless nautical adventures, all while developing essential skills and nurturing their love for exploration and learning.

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