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SKU: 303627

Haba Terra Kids Combination Pliers

Haba Terra Kids Combination Pliers SKU: 303627

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The Haba Terra Kids Combination Pliers are a versatile and essential tool for young adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts aged 5 and up. These pliers are designed to assist children in various outdoor tasks, from crafting and building to exploring and fixing. They feature a durable construction that can withstand outdoor use and provide a comfortable grip for small hands. The combination pliers come with multiple functions, including cutting wire, gripping objects, and even removing hooks from fish. This makes them an ideal companion for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity that requires a handy tool. Encourage your child’s resourcefulness and problem-solving skills with the Haba Terra Kids Combination Pliers, a reliable and multifunctional tool for young explorers.

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