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SKU: 305428

Haba Terra Kids Magnets

Haba Terra Kids Magnets SKU: 305428

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The Haba Terra Kids Magnets are a set of educational and interactive magnets designed for young explorers aged 3 and up. This set includes a variety of magnets with different shapes, colours, and patterns, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play and learning.

These magnets are not only fun to play with but also serve as a valuable tool for teaching kids about the principles of magnetism and basic science concepts. Children can experiment with attracting and repelling forces, creating patterns and designs on magnetic surfaces, and exploring the properties of magnets.

The magnets are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety during play. They come in a convenient storage box for easy organisation and transport, making them ideal for home, school, or on-the-go learning.

With Haba Terra Kids Magnets, children can have hours of educational fun while developing their fine motor skills, creativity, and an understanding of science. This set is a great addition to any young explorer’s learning toolkit.

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