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SKU: 302492

Haba Terra Kids Magnifying Container

Haba Terra Kids Magnifying Container SKU: 302492

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The Haba Terra Kids Magnifying Container is a versatile tool designed to inspire young explorers’ curiosity about the natural world. This compact and sturdy magnifying container is perfect for outdoor adventures, science exploration, and close-up examination of small objects.

Featuring a built-in magnifying glass on the lid, kids can easily inspect insects, leaves, rocks, or any tiny specimen they come across during their outdoor adventures. The magnifying glass provides a clear and up-close view, allowing children to observe intricate details that may go unnoticed with the naked eye.

The container itself is made from durable and child-friendly materials, ensuring it can withstand outdoor use and rough handling. It has a secure lid that prevents specimens from escaping while being examined and can be used as a temporary habitat for bugs or other small creatures.

The Haba Terra Kids Magnifying Container is a valuable tool for fostering a love of nature and science in young minds. It encourages exploration, observation, and hands-on learning, making it an excellent addition to any child’s outdoor exploration kit or science educational resources.

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