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SKU: 303521

Haba Terra Kids Maxi Hand Glider

Haba Terra Kids Maxi Hand Glider SKU: 303521

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The Haba Terra Kids Maxi Hand Glider is an exciting outdoor toy designed to provide endless fun and excitement for children. This hand glider features a durable and lightweight construction, making it easy for kids to carry and use.

With its aerodynamic design and sturdy foam body, this hand glider can glide through the air with ease. Children can launch it into the sky, and it will soar and perform graceful glides, providing a thrilling experience. The bright and colourful design of the hand glider adds to the visual appeal, making it even more enjoyable for kids.

The Maxi Hand Glider is not only fun but also promotes physical activity and outdoor play. Kids can develop their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as they launch and catch the glider. It encourages active outdoor play, allowing children to run and play in the open air.

The Haba Terra Kids Maxi Hand Glider is a great addition to any outdoor adventure, whether at the park, the beach, or in the backyard. It provides hours of entertainment and is suitable for kids who love exploring the outdoors and engaging in active play.

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