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SKU: 304360

Haba Terra Kids Meter Ruler

Haba Terra Kids Meter Ruler SKU: 304360

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The Haba Terra Kids Meter Ruler is a versatile and essential tool for young explorers and budding scientists. This durable and easy-to-use ruler is designed to assist children in measuring and understanding the world around them.

Featuring clear and precise markings, this ruler allows kids to measure objects accurately up to one meter in length. It provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop their measurement skills and understand the concept of length and size. Whether they’re measuring the length of leaves, sticks, or other objects in nature, this ruler makes it easy for kids to engage in hands-on learning.

The ruler is made from high-quality materials to ensure its durability, and it’s designed with safety in mind. The edges are smooth and rounded, making it safe for children to handle and use without the risk of injury.

The Haba Terra Kids Meter Ruler is an ideal tool for outdoor adventures, school projects, and scientific exploration. It encourages curiosity and helps children build important skills while they explore and learn about the world. This ruler is a valuable addition to any young explorer’s toolkit.

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