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Haba Tumbler Delight

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Haba Tumbler: Delight Edition

Journey to a world of enchantment with every sip from the Haba Tumbler in the mesmerizing Delight Edition. This delightful mug, adorned with an adorable hedgehog, perfectly complements the HABA tableware series named “Lucky” for children, promising charm with every chug.

Hedgehog’s Hug: A sip from this mug is like receiving a warm hug from the endearing hedgehog that graces its surface. Every glance at this delightful creature ensures a heartwarming experience and encourages the young ones to stay refreshed.

Unyielding and User-friendly: Constructed from the sturdiest of melamines, the Delight Edition promises durability that withstands the energetic escapades of your young one. Its shatterproof nature ensures long-lasting use, be it during quiet storytimes or bustling playdates.

Perfectly Sized Potable: Tailored for tiny hands, with its height at 9 cm and a diameter of 7.5 cm, this tumbler champions independent drinking. It’s crafted keeping in mind the ease with which a child should hold, making hydration hassle-free and delightful.

Simple Servicing: Magical moments needn’t come with maintenance challenges. The Delight Edition ensures cleanliness without complications as it’s effortlessly dishwasher safe, retaining its radiant charm, wash after wash.

Complete the Charmed Collection: Being an integral part of the HABA’s “Lucky” tableware series, this tumbler augments the other delightful dining utensils. With every meal, let your child be enveloped in the enchanting world of lucky motifs and the lovable hedgehog.

Gift of Glee: If you’re on the hunt for a present that blends practicality with a pinch of magic, the Delight children’s mug stands out as an impeccable choice. It’s a gift that promises joy, making everyday moments a tad more magical.

The Haba Tumbler: Delight Edition is more than a mere mug; it’s a vessel of vibrancy and a beacon of joy. Let your child embark on delightful drink breaks, with the hedgehog as their heartwarming companion. Here’s to sips filled with smiles and days dotted with delight!

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