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Haba Tumbler Dinos

Haba Tumbler Dinos SKU 305138


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Haba Tumbler: Dinos Edition

Embark on a prehistoric adventure at every mealtime with the Haba Tumbler in the captivating Dinos Edition. A delightful addition to the HABA Dinos tableware series, this mug brings the intriguing world of dinosaurs to the palm of your child’s hand, ensuring hydration with a hint of history!

Dinosaur Delight: Illustrated with playful and cheerful dinosaurs, this tumbler sparks intrigue and imagination, taking young ones on a journey back in time. The jovial dinosaurs not only add a touch of whimsy to the design but also encourage regular sips, ensuring your child stays hydrated.

Sturdy and Safe: Crafted meticulously from robust melamine, the Dinos Edition tumbler boasts shatterproof qualities, ensuring durability and longevity. Be it a minor tumble or a dramatic roar, this cup is designed to withstand the daily adventures of your little paleontologist.

Dino-sized Drink: With a comfortable size, specifically tailored for tiny hands – a height of 9 cm and a diameter of 7.5 cm – this mug promotes independent drinking. Its design facilitates an easy grip, enabling even the youngest of explorers to quench their thirst with ease.

Hassle-free Hygiene: The magic of the Mesozoic era doesn’t come with maintenance woes! The Dinos Edition tumbler is dishwasher safe, ensuring that its vibrant visuals and prehistoric appeal remain intact, wash after wash.

Complete the Collection: As a part of the renowned Dinos tableware series from HABA, this tumbler seamlessly complements other utensils, letting your child dine with dinosaurs at every meal. It’s not just about eating or drinking; it’s about an immersive experience with every bite and sip.

Gift with a Roar: Looking for a unique and engaging gift for a young enthusiast? The Dinos children’s mug is the perfect present, be it for birthdays, special occasions, or simply to add a touch of prehistoric fun to everyday meals.

The Haba Tumbler: Dinos Edition is more than just a drinking vessel; it’s a time machine, a storyteller, and a playful companion. Let your child journey through epochs, accompanied by these delightful dinosaurs, ensuring nourishment and knowledge in every gulp. Here’s to adventurous sipping and Mesozoic memories!

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