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Haba Tumbler Horses

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Haba Tumbler: Horses Edition

Galloping into the world of fascinating dining, the Haba Tumbler in the Horses Edition invites your little one into an enchanting equestrian experience. This exquisitely crafted mug, with its splendid horse decoration, merges majesty with functionality, creating the perfect companion for every mealtime adventure.

Equestrian Elegance: Each sip from this tumbler is a step into the captivating world of horses. The near-realistic horse motifs come alive, promising to transport your child to the expansive meadows where these majestic creatures graze.

Sturdy Steed: Mirroring the strength and grace of horses, this mug boasts of its construction from high-quality plastic. Its shatterproof and robust nature ensures that it stands tall against the playful antics of young explorers, making it an enduring dining partner.

Gallop to Independence: Fashioned to fit perfectly into the little hands, the tumbler measures at a height of 9 cm and a diameter of 7.5 cm. This thoughtful design champions self-reliance, making drinking breaks an effortless endeavor.

A Mood Uplifter: Beyond its functionality, the Horses Edition promises to be a source of joy. From sunrise breakfasts to starlit dinners, its realistic animal depictions ensure smiles, resonating with both young lasses and lads.

Gift for the Galloping Hearts: Every horse lover, big or small, would cherish this handless mug. It’s a thoughtful present, and when paired with other items from HABA’s horse crockery series, it becomes a cherished treasure trove.

Safety in Sips: Crafted from melamine, this tumbler is exclusively designed for serving purposes. It’s recommended for use with food up to a temperature of 70 °C and stands proud as a testament to HABA’s commitment to safety. However, it’s advised to steer clear from microwaves and ovens.

Set forth on a journey where every mealtime becomes a galloping gala. With the Haba Tumbler: Horses Edition, invite the charm of the equestrian world to your table, making every sip a story and every meal, a memory.

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