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Haba Tumbler Rainbow Spectrum

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Haba Tumbler: Rainbow Spectrum Edition

Add a splash of vibrant hues to your child’s mealtime with the Haba Tumbler in the Rainbow Spectrum Edition. Celebrating the vivacity of colours and the charm of feline friends, this tumbler is more than just a vessel for beverages – it’s an invitation to a world where every sip is a playful prance of colour and delight.

Morning Mirth with a Feline Friend: Every morning holds the promise of a vibrant day, especially when a cheerful cat, painted amidst the backdrop of a radiant rainbow, greets your child. As the sun paints the sky with its golden hues, let this tumbler light up your little one’s world, making breakfasts bubbly and full of fun.

Resilient Rainbow: Crafted meticulously from robust melamine, this tumbler promises to be a steadfast companion, even during the most animated of mealtime adventures. Whether it’s a joyful jump or a merry mishap, this tumbler is built to endure, ensuring that the table’s spirits remain high and spills remain low.

Care with Colors: Although vibrant and vivacious, this Rainbow Spectrum tumbler understands the value of ease. With its dishwasher-safe nature, it ensures that post-meal cleanups are as breezy as the rainbow after a drizzle.

Kid-Friendly Design: Tailored to tender hands, this 9.5 cm high tumbler champions the cause of independent drinking. Its size and design are crafted keeping the little ones in mind, ensuring that they find it easy to grip, sip, and trip into a world of colorful fantasies.

A Spectrum of Delight: As a part of HABA’s magnificent tableware series, this rainbow-colored cup sits amidst a range of products featuring adorable animal motifs in resplendent shades. The cute cat, gleaming amidst the spectrum, inspires children towards healthier beverage choices, turning drinking breaks into delightful diversions.

Gift your child the joy of a mealtime filled with colors, curiosity, and cats. The Haba Tumbler: Rainbow Spectrum Edition is not just a cup; it’s a canvas where rainbows dance and felines frolic, ensuring that every day starts on a bright and buoyant note.

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