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SKU: 301793

Haba Unicorn Glitterluck-Quartets

Haba Unicorn Glitterluck-Quartets SKU SKU: 301793

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Introducing Haba Unicorn Glitterluck-Quartets – a charming and engaging card game that invites players of all ages to join Glitterluck and her unicorn friends in a quartet-playing adventure. With a touch of concentration and a sprinkle of luck, players can collect matching cards to form quartets and earn delightful cloud crystals. It’s a game where fun and learning come together, making it perfect for family game nights and gatherings with friends.

Product Features –


Join Glitterluck and her unicorn friends as they gather for a game of Quartets. The objective is simple: with a bit of concentration and the right amount of luck, players aim to collect four of the same cards to create a quartet. As a reward, they earn a coveted cloud crystal. The player who collects the most cloud crystals emerges as the winner. It’s a delightful game that combines strategy and chance, making each playthrough unique and exciting.
Educational Value:

Unicorn Glitterluck-Quartets is more than just a game; it’s a learning opportunity that teaches patience, encourages concentration, enhances memory, and sharpens reaction skills. It also promotes sportsmanship, as players learn to be happy for their fellow players and gracefully accept defeat.
Age Appropriateness:

While Quartets is suitable for players of various ages, it’s essential to note that this game is not appropriate for children under the age of 4 years due to small components that may pose a choking hazard.

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