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SKU: 305709

Haba Wooden Puzzle Animal Shuffle

Haba Wooden Puzzle Animal Shuffle SKU: 305709

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Discover Farm Animal Fun with Haba Wooden Puzzle Animal Shuffle!

Introduce your little ones to the delightful world of farm animals with the Haba Wooden Puzzle Animal Shuffle. This fantastically wacky wooden puzzle is designed for children aged 2 years and up, making it the perfect early learning activity.

Farmyard Adventure
In this captivating puzzle, adorable farm animals like horses, pigs, sheep, and cows are joyfully going around in circles. But the challenge lies in figuring out where each animal belongs and where the tractor fits into the scene. It’s a farmyard adventure that encourages young minds to engage their concentration and logic-solving skills.

Unconventional Twist on Classic Fun
The Haba Farm Animal Shuffle takes a conventional puzzle and adds an unconventional twist. By following the shapes on the board, children can solve the puzzle and piece together the farm scene. It’s a unique and engaging way to stimulate cognitive development and problem-solving abilities.

Age-Appropriate Learning
Designed with young learners in mind, this puzzle is suitable for children aged 2 years and up. It offers an age-appropriate introduction to shapes, patterns, and logical thinking, all while having loads of farmyard fun.

Quality You Can Trust
Haba is renowned for producing high-quality wooden toys that are not only entertaining but also durable. The Wooden Puzzle Animal Shuffle is no exception, providing hours of engaging play that stands up to the test of time.

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